Smoke After Sex? Don’t Know – Never Looked

Yes, there are people with smoking/sex fetishes.  They can’t reach a climax without a cigarette hanging from their mouths.  If cigarettes make women feel sexy, why do you still have to buy them drinks and drugs?  Some smoke-sluts hang out here:

3 Responses to “Smoke After Sex? Don’t Know – Never Looked”

  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    They are supposed to buy YOU the drinks and drugs. That’s t pay for the anti-spermatic lotion and 6 pairs of prophylactics and in my case the seamstress to sew them together. And a brand new plunger to pull the baby out with.

  2. Bill says:

    Nicotine helps them relax which makes it easier to enjoy the activity. Also it helps some guys think they’re manly which makes it easier for them to perform.

  3. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    As You know I have been iving in a foreign country we conquerred over a hundred years ago. I made a natural mistake in turning down a drink after work by saying I had to perform and that would mess me up. Oh ho ho ho ho ho! PERFORM!!! What are yo gonna do get a dancing bear? Take her to the circus? It has never left me, let me get a reb north of the mason Dixon line. It’s fun to get a johnny reb north of the Mason Dixon line and remind them of the fact they lost the war and now it’s THEIR turn to pay back for all the yankees they screwed over-that OUR COPS are Yankees, and they are in the wrong place. Then just shut up and watch the way their faces go as they ask for forgiveness. And I have no idea what for.

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