Shove Your Sign and Your Cause!

I drove passed Planned Parenthood again this afternoon. The usual, self-righteous dimwits were waving their gross signs and trying to bully young women from going inside. I slowed down and an old guy made eye contact with me and waved his sign. I think he was expecting my head to nod or my horn to honk in support. He seemed shocked when I slammed my middle finger into the windshield and scowled.

You probably know how I feel about abortion from a recent post (Copy&Paste into the Search Box: The Bad Birds and The B’s). I’m pro-choice but I think abortion is a lousy, last choice when there are so many better alternatives like birth control and RU486. AND dweebs like this guy have done their best unwittingly to INCREASE unwanted pregnancies and abortions by opposing any sexually progressive ideas like non-moralistic sex education in schools and Plan B.

Someone out there agreed and sent me a study by the Guttmacher Institute which is the world’s leading think tank on sexual and reproductive issues. These people are researchers and scientists without any false Biblical axes to grind. What did they find in one study?

Expanding Medicaid coverage for contraception – so that it matches Medicaid coverage for pregnancy-related care – would enable low-income women to prevent a total of nearly 500,000 unwanted pregnancies annually, including 200,000 abortions and save taxpayers $1.5 Billion dollars a year. (And these figures do not include future welfare costs of these children and their children, etc.)

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Why would most women have abortions if they could easily prevent their pregnancies in the first place? But I guess Anti-Abortion people have that direct line to God which supersedes the intelligence with which some would say He created us.

I wish the parents of all these sign-wavers had used birth control – lots of it.


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2 Responses to “Shove Your Sign and Your Cause!”

  1. Well Frank I’ve never seen those sign wavers here because we don’t have an abortion clinic in this little town but the Dr. I used to see here had strange office hours. As his secretary would explain he had an office in the next closest city a couple of days a week, so we could only see him on certain days. There was a big billboard as you entered town put up by some church declaring this towns Christian values and to stop abortion. So Dr. Brewton didn’t operate in his home town he only operated in Talahassee a couple of days a week and took care of a few old people that had been seeing the old man for years here. He was murdered comeing out of the clinic he operated in by the super religious Mr. Gunn. Gunn’s math worked it seems as he said one murder prevented thousands of murders and he was the hand of God.
    The last time I went to college I had a bookworm roomate who had been a medic in the burn ward in Japan and then became a clinical psychologist working in substance abuse. He was better than college trained as he also had experience and common sense. We talked about religion and some of the zealots, many who come from or are going to mental hospitals. He said in the Psychiatric field it was common knowledge and unnoficially studied as a form of madness. That is the people I have actually seen in a church rolling on the floor and hopping and howling and with their eyes rolled back in their head screaming Hallelulia!! (A blind date had brought me out “To listen to a new band,” in Austin Texas and it turned out to be a Pentecostal Revival meeting and the name of the band was BORN AGAIN. But my roomate added that no book on Psychiatry could publish or Psychologist or Psychiatrist could speak of that part of the field publicly or they would be ostracised, fired, tossed to the wolves.
    My little pal Dooley didn’t actually shoot the boy on the water buffalo walking our fence marking our defences until Dooley told him in Vietnamese to get the hell away from there, and the kid defied him by throwing the finger at him. Super religious people like Dooley just don’t like getting the finger thrown at them. Don’t forget to duck. But I like it.

  2. My best freinds wife has always said a mother should have the right to a RETROACTIVE ABORTION. If one of her kids started acting out she wanted the right to kill them.

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