Should We Give America Back To The Indians?

"May we have our country back, please?"

Well of course we “should”.  Our ancestors tricked the natives off their own land and if they resisted, we slaughtered them.  We had no more right to this country than criminals walking into your home and throwing you and your family out the back door.

Are we going to give the country back?  Are you tripping?  Of course not!  That’s just the way it is.  Reality isn’t a morality play.

I bring this up because of the new debates over Israel and Palestine.

After World War II, the British, the US, and the newly-formed United Nations muscled many of the Palestinians off their own land to set up the state of Israel.  Of course many of the new “trespassers” demanded their “homeland” back.  Instead, they got a faceful of desert sand – kind of like the dirt we gave the Indians (called ‘reservations’).

Although this is simplified, it’s historically pretty accurate.  Now add to this a bunch of Biblical bullshit, Jewish memories of the Holocaust, and Israeli nuclear weapons and we’ve got the mess we call the Mideast.  Will Palestinians ever “recognize” Israel’s right to exist? Never – would you?

And will Israel ever give their country back?  Sure – just as soon as America gives this country back to the Indians.

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4 Responses to “Should We Give America Back To The Indians?”

  1. Bill says:

    You place me in the awkward position of defending Israel–whose current policies I disapprove of.

    Just like they divided India into Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan, Britain decided to divide the protectorate of Palestine, which they had taken from the Ottoman Empire after WWI, into Jewish and non-Jewish states (there are lots of Christian Palestinians). The lines were drawn. Jews and non-Jews were free to stay right where they were, but most of the Jews flocked to the future Israel while many Arabs went the other way. Just prior to the split, the nations of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria announced they would destroy the Jewish nation, and they advised Muslims to vacate the territory before the invasion began because their troops would not have the luxury of checking IDs. Though the Israeli gvt urged the Arabs to stay, many got the hell out of Dodge. I would have, too. It should be noted not all the Arabs left, and even today, 24% of the people in Israel are Arabs–most Muslim, some Christian.

    The Arab nations did invade and lost the war. So, what happened to the Palestinian state? Egypt annexed Gaza and Jordan annexed the West Bank, and neither nation would tolerate Palestinian self-rule. There was a Palestinian liberation movement in Jordan back in the late 60s early 70s which was violently suppressed by the Jordanian army, and many Palestinians fled to Lebanon.

    In 1967, Isreal defeated the Arab nations in another war and seized Gaza and the West Bank. After years of tedious negotiation, Israel turned the territories over to the Palestinians. If it were not for Israel, the Palestinians would be even worse off than they already are.

    Yes, some properties were improperly seized back in the 40s and even now, but the worst enemy of the Palestinian people has been the Islamic nations around them. Incidently, the land on both sides of the great divide were equally fertile at the time of partition. Israel developed her land; the Palestinians were never given the opportunity.

    As a final note, what we did to the Indians was even worse than your description, but that discussion is for another time.

  2. paolo. says:

    Hey Bill!

    I hope I didn’t sound like I’m anti-Israel – I’m not at all. My point is (and I hate this cliche) “it is what it is” – reality. Indians or Palestinians are not getting their lands back no matter what. And we’re not going to give reparations to Blacks – and alla god’s chillen DON’T have shoes. Cold reality. They have to deal with it.

    And I too was disgusted when I read a number of books about Indian atrocities – from “our” side. If the truth was widely-known, any number of American heroes would have to be slimed out of the history books.

    BTW, I think Obama was shit-filled (or shit-faced) when he said Israel should move back to pre-1967 borders. I think that was just PR for our Mideast “friends” and I now read he’s backpedaling bigtime on that stupid idea.

  3. Bill says:

    Along the same lines, what used to be the very soul of the German people throughout their history, Prussia, is now firmly entrenched in Poland. The Germans who had lived there for countless generations were forced out of there at the point of a gun.

    As you say, it is what it is, and there’s no going back.

  4. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    But FIRST get the Goddamn historians. But remember, never kill anything you don’t eat. We need to find that Jap that found all the unusual fishes we can eat to pick out the best parts of the people and the best way to prepare them.
    AND Johnny Carson already established the Indians don’t want this place back anyway.

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