Should The State Get Into Your Pants?

Flint, Michigan and other cities have enacted laws which prohibit you from hanging your ass out of your pants. Most people agree these are great laws in the quest for public decency.  I think they stink. If some fool wants to walk around looking like a clown, his right to do that trumps your “right” not to be offended.

I think back to the ’60’s when a small number of hippies – some my good friends – looked like they just stepped off the cover of Dr. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.  Although no one whined they were outraging public decency, many people were outraged by their clothes and  their hair.  The ‘public decency’ anger usually erupted when women chose not to wear bras or not to wear tops at all. Nothing much came of it but TERA, the Topfree Equal Rights Association still has a great website:

Individual rights is the most important issue here but, to many, there’s another element which must be considered: ass saggin’ young men – whose fashion sense is inspired by prisons – are lousy examples of the African-American community.  If image is any consideration in this society – and it is – the leaders of that community should get these guys to pull up their pants.

But if they do or don’t is none of my business – and it shouldn’t be the government’s either.

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