Shopping for a Borderline Psychotic?

T-Shirt Hell (“Where All The Bad Shirts Go”) may be just the place to buy Christmas gifts for those on your list who are three strokes short of a happy ending.  T-shirts are the perfect gifts for those who choose to wear something under their straight-jackets and hospital scrubs.  The shirt above is their #1 bestseller.

One Response to “Shopping for a Borderline Psychotic?”

  1. Bill says:

    Gaddafi was psychotic.

    Hussein was a lover of power and knew well how to manipulate peoples and nations. If he hadn’t run into an American president with an Oedipal complex, he’d probably still be in power. Being evil is not the same as being psychotic.

    Bin Laden was an Islamic/Arabic fundamentalist. I suppose one could argue religious enthusiasm is psychotic by definition; I would agree, but most would not. The man was actually quite brilliant. He wanted to hurt the United States, and the loss of men, money, and civil liberties illustrate his success. We are a far different nation than we were a decade ago. He and W teamed up to cripple America.

    Bieber? The kid’s out there banging his brains out; if that’s psychotic, sign me up.

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