SEAWAY? I Thought You Said SEAFOOD

"WTF are marshmellows anyway?"

Saint Lawrence is the Patron Saint of Cooking. Admittedly, he’s not on the Rock Star List of Roman Catholic Saints like Peter, Paul, and Mary – but he’s right up there because he’s a martyr.

In the third century, Catholics were being whacked like Iranians with nuclear secrets.  Most were beheaded or burned at the stake.  But Saint Lawrence was roasted alive on a grill – which was ‘rare’ in those times.

He had a macabre sense of humor.  As he was being burned alive on the red-hot metal, he said “I’m roasted on this side. If you want me well done, it’s time to turn me over.”

How he got from the grill to the Table of Saints under ‘Cooking’ must be a funny story – but the Roman Canon doesn’t say.

Word of The Day: Macabre (muh-COB) adjective.  Having a grim or death-filled quality.

3 Responses to “SEAWAY? I Thought You Said SEAFOOD”

  1. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    And I come up with crazy stuff expecting the reader to have enough sense to know when I’m goofing and when I’m not. But St. Lawrence might have had the right idea if humans cook like monkeys. The Indians just toss the monkey on a fire and their guts cook into a ball they can toss out. Maybe St. Lawrence had protestants on Fridays. And died giving cooking lessons. Send me your old and useless gold and jewelry. Espescially the big get in the way pieces.

  2. Bill says:

    You know how we belittle Muslims who blow themselves up in search of virgins? Well, some of the early Christians were kind of like that. They believed if they were tortured and/or killed while maintaining their Christian beliefs they’d get a free pass to heaven. Sometimes a Roman official wouldn’t take the bait, and there would be complaints from the would be martyrs.

    There were a lot of wack jobs among the early saints. I’m not saying Lawrence was one of them, but …

  3. Cilene says:

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