Screen Queen

OK, I admit it – I used to be a dull screen guy.  I used to have a computer desktop that was solid, slate gray.  It was up for over a year – I never even thought about it!  But I finally realized the comfortable, mediocre rut in which I was crawling.  My life CHANGED when I put up one of my own new pictures, Hallejuhla!

Look at your computer screen right now.  What is it?  A picture of your kids?  Nice (BORING!).  Flowers?  Pretty (Pretty BORING!)  Wild animals?  (Wildly BORING!)  Wild animals eating your kids in the flowers?  Hmmmm.  You’ve got potential!

Crawl out of your dull, mediocre morass right now and change the damn screen!  Put up something that would be embarrassing if your Mother saw it.

Interesting Desktop backgrounds:

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