Rush of Flatulence

Here’s the problem: your ratings are falling faster than the hairs out of your fat head. Your political opinions are now less relevant than those of Andy Rooney and even his voice is less irritating. Since W flew away, your chances of ever again going to a White House dinner rival those of Sirhan Sirhan. And after years of lecturing about the evils of drugs, it’s discovered you’re a drug-addicted, hypocriticotten-oxymoron.

It’s even rumored the 3rd Mrs. Rush was in no rush to give you a rush because it was probably your foot that was being sought by Senator Larry Craig in a mens bathroom stall in the Minneapolis Airport.

Not surprisingly, many young conservatives are embarrassed by you. Bill O’Reilly is sharper and has a better sense of humor. And George Will has more class in his upturned pinkie than you have in your entire fat ass.

So what’s a downward-spiraling old radio, hambone going to do?

How about saying you hope Barrack Obama (and thereby the country) will FAIL?


Sadly America, this is what it’s come to. Last Friday night on his radio show Limbaugh said, “I disagree with the people on our [Republican] side of the aisle who have caved and who say, ‘Well, I hope ..Obama… succeeds….(not me) I hope he fails.” In fairness, it should be noted that many responsible conservatives were quick to diassociate themselves from this pompous colostomy bag full of crap.

Hell hath no fury like a rapidly-sinking disc jockey of irrelevant bullshit.


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3 Responses to “Rush of Flatulence”

  1. You have to remember that this is the same country and the same people whose police machine gunned women and children at a gathering somewhere up around Chicago or Detroit over a union demonstration- and that film is still well hidden as I’ve only seen it once. But I think that was Henry Ford’s doing.
    And the same country and people that allowed Rockefeller and his cronies to pay the Arizona national guard to machine gun and burn out miners on strike, pour fuel on the women and kids hiding in holes under their tents, and burn them alive, durring the last depression.
    I doubt that you could find a WWII or Vietnam Veteran that doesn’t want our younger soldiers out of harms way and we are trying to be careful not to say anything that would make them think for minute their sacrafices are not appreciated. You wanted to volunteer? You just did do something good. I’d like to see people in this country that hope a new President fails get to live in gated communities that keep them in. But that’s just my opinion. His right to freedom of speech lets us see that it doesn’t take brains to be rich and that he is stupid.

  2. And if he hates Democratic Soul so bad what’s he practicing with that fat cigar for? Now THAT is obscene.

  3. Bill says:

    Unfortunately, the next four years will probably see a rise in Limbaugh’s popularity. Being out of power makes his job easier; he will be even more offensive than he’s been in the past.

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