Roy – God Wants To Talk To You

Roy Sullivan and his lucky hat with a lightning bolt hole in the middle.

One of the occupational hazards of being a US Forest Ranger is lightning. Sometimes a bolt will strike a tall tree and sometimes (rarely) it will strike a person in the woods.

Roy C. Sullivan was an exception.  Roy was a US Forest Ranger in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and got struck by lightning – SEVEN TIMES!

The first time was in 1942 when Roy was in a fire lookout tower. LOOK OUT! (Damn!) The 2nd didn’t hit him until 1969 when he was in his truck. The third? The very next year in his front yard. Number four got him in the ranger tower again, 1972.

Bolt #5 with Roy’s name on it found him in his car in 1973 with #6 only a year later when he was at a campground. In 1977, Roy decided to chuck it all and went fishing. You guessed it. The 7th and final Roy C. Sullivan Lightning Bolt hit him with his line in the water. He survived.

Sometime between bolts three and five, Roy Sullivan got religion. I guess the man decided God was trying to tell him something. But first, God had to get his attention.


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