Rochester, NY – PM

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View from the 18th floor. I actually got off my ass, left my apartment, went to the walkway that connects our two buildings, and snapped this shot.  There are people on my floor (behind me) who have this view but I’m very happy with my terrace. If you can’t be happy with what you have, at least be thankful you didn’t get what you deserve.

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  1. Bill says:

    That’s a beautiful shot, Frank.

    From this angle and with the night lights, little Church St looks like a boulevard. I spent 27 years working in the squat white bldg right of center, and had some fine meals at the round top of the bldg on the left.

  2. paolo. says:

    Thanks, Bill. To people who don’t live in Rochester, the round building to which Bill refers (looks like a spaceship) used to be a beautiful restaurant named the “Revolving Scene.” Like Rochester, NY – the City, it’s currently “taking a break” before it relaunches itself into something even better. Right.

  3. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    They have one of those in New Orleans. Or at least they did, It may be the one you have there if it flew far enough. Bill, what really makes a great restaurant is the busboys and their regular contests to see who can spit the farthest without being caught. IF the spit does get caught things can get nasty. The Matr’e Di will get a “Fowl” called by the waiters, and it screws up the ritzy little point system. Something for fancy restaurant help to think long and hard about. Do they really WANT to be help in a top restaurant, or just pretend. Buckteethed people are almost automaticly disqualified, and usually the owneres sons.

  4. Exactly what I wanted to see, thanks for letting us see it.

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