RightWing Wacko-s LIE (Again)

To get myself going in the morning, I drink a glass or two of iced tea. If that doesn’t wake me up, I click on different political blogs and read the rants of RightWing wacko-s.  That REALLY wakes me up! Since the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombing, I’ve read a steady stream of lying horseshit about Muslims.  The biggest lie?

You never hear Muslims denouncing Muslim terrorism.

This absolute lie feeds into their paranoid delusion that Muslims want to destroy America because of our values.  Of course, radical jihad terrorists – less than 1/100th of 1% of Muslims – hate the US not because of our values – but because we’re trying to undermine their efforts to take over Muslim countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, and Syria. They’ve been killing each other for centuries – why should the Christian US interfere – except to make money?

Here’s a link that shows literally 1000’s of Muslim posts denouncing the Boston bombing and terrorism in general. Right wing extremists know all this but their agenda includes lying to you.


Some readers will whine that I always defend Muslims.  The truth? Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and the rest are all pretty much the same to me – they’re ALL baloney.  Supporting one over the other is saying “My imaginary friend can beat up your imaginary friend.”

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