Right Decision For The Wrong Reason *

President Obama stepped down from his “I’ll bomb Syria by myself!” craziness but I doubt if he was prompted by any pangs of conscience or Constitution. The pressure of national and international negative reaction from Planet Reality made him look like the bad guy.  Congressional reps aren’t likely to agree on starting another war and, oh, BTW – who’s supposed to pay for this thing?

OK HILLARY – YOU CAN COME OUT NOW!  Ms. Clinton was the only major public player who did not take a stand on Syria’s gas attack even though she was part of the build up.  Hilly stands where most president-wannabees stand.  Aside.

* The “right” reason:  America must stop trying to be the policeman of the world.  It has never been successful, it’s not Constitutional, and it’s thrown our economy into shambles.  We spend more money on “defense” (read: intervention) than the next 10 countries – including Russia and China – COMBINED!

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