Respectfully, No

America owes a lot to Black people. A lot! Without them, America would not be the great country it is. Free labor through slavery and filling the factories in the industrial North were major factors in creating the US economic powerhouse.

Of course the type of government we chose, cheap labor from immigrants, and war, were also significant factors. But slavery was the single most important economic force that helped insure the success of America’s early days.

So what do we owe Black people? Unfortunately, too much to pay back.

This country would be financially crippled if we made fair reparations to Black people – and how in the world could we divide it equitably? And how much do we owe Native Americans for the very land on which we stand? Or to Women who’ve suffered with economic inequality for years?

Sorry, everyone. The only way America can ever pay you back is with the respect, equality, and dignity you deserve. Sometimes, life just sucks.

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