Religious Vermin

Sheikh I'ma-Pieceashit

An Islamic cleric has given permission to Syrian rebels to rape women as long as they’re not Sunni Muslims.

In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is forcing some Christian Coptics to pay a tax because “conquered non-Muslims historically had to pay their Islamic overlords with willing submission while feeling subdued to safeguard their existence.”

It should be noted that the US has recently supported both Syrian rebels and the Muslim Brotherhood.

I despise militant Christians who’ve killed abortion doctors, Rev. Terry Jones who was to burn 200 Korans, Uganda Christians who passed laws to execute homosexuals “according to the Bible,” and the Westboro Baptist Church which pickets Vets’ funerals because of the military’s stance on gay rights.

Arguing about religion is like saying, “My imaginary friend can beat up your imaginary friend.” And every religious nut thinks he’s got a Disneyland E-ticket to his special little slice of heaven.  For the rest of us, the quicker they cash in those tickets, the happier we will be.

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