Rehab Is In A Cave

Study: Tanning addictive, like heroin

From the Washington Post: “One recreational activity demands a beach towel and a pair of sunglasses.

The other requires a dealer and a safe place to cook up and tie off.

Catching some rays seems much more wholesome than injecting heroin.

However, a recent study found commonalities between lying on a beach and the deadly drug that played a role in the deaths of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Sid Vicious and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

“It may be necessary … to more proactively protect individuals, including teens, from the risks of an avoidable, potentially life-threatening exposure and to view recreational tanning and opioid drug abuse as engaging in the same biological pathway,” researchers led by Gillian L. Fell and Kathleen C. Robinson of Harvard Medical School concluded in a study published in the journal Cell.

The link between tanning and Mr. Brownstone: endorphins.”

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(For those who asked: yes, Kate Moss.)

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