Rather Fight ‘Em Over There Than Over Here


Out of all the excuses we’ve used to continue these hopeless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to me, none is sadder than the one cited above.  Despite warning signs of which we should have been aware,  America was shockingly unprepared for the terrorist atrocity committed on September 11, 2001.  Today, after 8-years of wars, over 5000 US troops dead, and a TRILLION-dollars spent, I’m not convinced our country is much more secure.

An easy analogy to make is if your family and home were under attack from a band of raging maniacs who lived in a lousy neighborhood in a distant town.   Which would be better to do?  Fortify and guard your house, educate your family   to defend themselves, and continually stand watch – or – race to the faraway town and try to chase down and kill the enemy despite the fact they keep changing neighborhoods and even towns? Of course this is a simplification but doesn’t it make sense?

There was so much more we could have done to make America safe these years: adopt Israeli airport and transportation security strategies, fortify our water, food, and power facilities, increase internal antiterrorist intelligence, educate our people to be constantly vigilant – the list could go on. But we didn’t because we spent virtually all of our money chasing the maniacs through distant towns.

I voted for Obama – the first time I voted for a mainstream candidate in 40-years – because I thought he was more than just a political hack who’d juggle the lives of our troops for some starry-eyed objective.  I was wrong. I voted for him only to get McCain’s war policy which was a stale leftover from President Bush. As the French say, “The more things change, the more they remain the same.”

But not for me. Tuesday will be my last post on these stupid wars and then I’m getting back to the rest of my blog and the rest of my life. I’ve done my part. I’ve annoyed enough people by posting the facts about our war dead and war costs.  Nothing from me will ever again be misconstrued to be disrespectful to our brave fighting forces.

You go ahead and listen to Obama – maybe he’ll come up with something new.  And maybe I’ll get out the tux, flap my arms to fly to Washington, and get invited to the next state dinner after I win the lottery. Hey, you never know……

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  1. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    The diff is you actually care about people dying for nothing. If that’s the way it plays out. But Obama NEVER DID> (They volunteered to die so let them) They are pawns to him, not citizen soldiers.

  2. Bill says:

    I agree we should get out of our two overseas “wars”; we never should have gone into Iraq in the first place and should have gotten out of Afghanistan a long time ago.

    Having said that, I have to admit your third paragraph scares me. We are so much larger than Israel; we would need to transform into a paranoid police state to attain Israeli level security. No thank you.

    Much of al Quaeda opposed bin Laden’s plans for fear of the U.S. response. W had a golden opportunity to deter terrorism on U.S. soil by topping off the defeat of the Taliban with bin Laden’s death, declaring victory, and coming home. The man blew it, but his initial instinct was sound.

    No really good answers here. Terrorism isn’t going to disappear. All you can do is make them think twice about who and what they target.

  3. Garretot says:

    Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

  4. Steve says:

    Like me, I know you’ve been against these wars from the beginning. The thing I ask is, why some politicians, and talking heads are so concerned NOW, about the cost of this war? OK, I know Obama ran on ending this, and I agree with you, and am as disappointed, as well. But, many in this country seemed ok with these wars, although, for a while, the focus was on Iraq, and many probably didn’t even remember that we were also in Afghanistan, whereas, now, the focus is on Afghanistan, and many have forgotten, doy!, we’re still in Iraq. No one seems to be mentioning those costs. No one seemed to care about the costs BEFORE going into this “6 week cakewalk”….so, no, 6 years later….suddenly it’s, “Oh, yeah, we should do something about this.”
    Also, how easy for Bush to have started these wars and then just leave them to the next guy (or woman, JLB:- )…I’ll be curious as to Obama’s plan…but the whole time Bush was in office and these were going on, NO ONE mentioned cost or longevity of these wars. But now, suddenly, we have to do something? Why not 2, 3 4 years ago…where was the push then?

    Anyway, enough about the wars…can we please pray for Tiger: – )

  5. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    Yes your right about Tiger, not just because he’s an all American but a nice person. Self made from hard work, not by who he knew, but by what he knw. The things NOBODY can find any fault in, he’s the kid that got us all cheering ina game most of us don’t even like. I remember when my Dad went Ga ga over the un-known Arnold Palmer.
    Four years ago Bush asked us to be committed to small wars FOREVER.
    Everyone remembers HANIBAL, and using elephants. But they don’t remember who he was fighting, or why, or that he died lost in Asia, and even then wars overseas run out of gas (Funding) at about 10 years. But to answer that simple question (Not meaning your simple-please!!) We were supposed to be willing to go forever. Obama just hit the timing right, not neccessarily hit it right, at the right timing.

  6. Steve says:

    um, sorry to say, Joe, I was joking about Tiger, Joe. I don’t care about Tiger or golf. I was being sarcastic about all the coverage he has garnered AND the special treatment from the cops. Is he any “all-American” than anyone else? Are there “half or three-quarter Americans”? I think I’m a 5/8’s”. We know there are NO metric Americans…no 13mm’s here.

    “Um, Tiger is taking a nap, now is not a good time…can you come back, later? He wants his privacy, and he has a bit of a headache”
    “Oh! Sure, ma’am, sorry to have troubled you, hop ehe feels better…say, can I get him to sign this, when he feels up to it.”

    Word is that he was/is having an side fling….not so “noble” after all.

    I wonder if the African-American male currently surrounded for shooting four cops will try that: – )
    “Uh, it’s my fault, I’m human, I’m not perfect”
    Yeah, that’ll work: – )

  7. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    I confess- I have no idea of what happenned to Tiger except i thought he got in a car wreck, didn’t now about shooting 4 cops- I DO have the flu and am dizzy as hell. I did have a roomate in Louisianna whose German Shepherd chased the milk out of the dairymans cows several times. There WAS a police investigation as to how the dog died. It seems it WAS shot 21 times by accident. It WAS a colored dog and i WAS from N.Y. And I didn’t see a thing.

  8. Steve says:

    4 cops in Seattle got shot (wearing vests, no less) in a coffee shop.

  9. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    Remember all those Clint Eastwood movies where Dirty harry carried the big barrelled Ruger, MAGUM fORCE, ETC. It resulted in a a large splash of sales for the weapons, but they are too big and cumbersome and hard to hide. When the movies died out so did the gun sales. I knew one SHORT biker in La. that had a ruger blackhawk longbarelled .44 or .45 he wore in a shoulder holster he had to stick down in his pants. God help him if he wrecked his bike. In order for him to pull it he had to have the firing mechanism even with his face to get the barrel past the end of his Shwansenfegger.. If he ever got in a gunfight he’d better do it from a distance.

  10. Steve says:

    Friend, you have just given me a new word that I will use from here on out…”Schwansenfegger”. I thank you: – )

  11. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    You see my poor last name requires a lost of tongue twisting, but my buddy Eddies- once you learn it- it sticks with ya- It’s a real name. If your reading this Ed you know me, I’m just still yanking your chain. 50 years down the road.

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