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It seems former President Jimmy Carter just discovered that racism still exists in the United States and that’s why there’s so much nastiness when people oppose President Obama’s policies.

Well, he got the first part right.  OF COURSE there’s still racism in our country!  The fact that 1-year ago you could have bought this button for $4.99 + $3.99 shipping on e-Bay is a pretty good hint. But does he think if some white guy – say, Ted Kennedy – became President and tried to radically change this nation’s direction he would have a stroll through the park?  Uh-uh. The Neo-Nasties would still be carrying on about Socialism at town meetings and there would still be some jerk Congressman yelling “You lie!” at the President. These people don’t fear Blacks – they fear CHANGE – no matter in which flavor it’s served.

“Well, they hate us as much as we hate them,” babble anonymous white racists through electronic white sheets in computer political talk forums. And I think in many instances, they’re probably right. But I’d like to ask a simple question:

So what?

What most white people can’t seem to grasp is there’s a HUGE difference between white racism and black racism. White racism keeps Blacks out of America’s power structure.  Yes, I know there are exceptions.  In an ocean of white corks, a few black ones pop up. One heads the country. One heads the Xerox Corporation. One is Robert Dinero’s wife.  But at the REAL power enclaves like most corporate, stock, and banking top floors, exclusive country clubs, and black-tie charity balls, the only Black people you’ll see are holding trays and taking coats.

And Black racism?  What if you’re white and Black people can’t stand you?  What are they going to do?  Keep you out of the Gospel Choir at the local Antioch Baptist Church? You’ll live.

Anyway, generation after generation, racism in America is decreasing.  So, they tell us, are the glaciers in Anarctica.

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9 Responses to “Racism, USA”

  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    When the RUSSIANS invaded Afghanistan Jimmy Carter also said, “I didn’t think THEY were like that.” Of course there’s racism but that’s not what got Obama elected. What absolutely slays me is “Moneyism.” Much worse than racism in stupidity and the black folks are the ones you want to listen to when your dealing with that to cover your butt- if you care to, or you can be like me and go ahead and get fired doing something outrageous just for the fun of it. Moneyism is what you get in five star hotels. The rich don’t care, they have money, but the employees of those places are disgusting-“make sure you do X for MR Y because he’s wprth Z much more money than Mr A.. I was running a electrical crew in St Augustines top dollar hotel- they change the flowers (About $5,000) worth at the main gate every month. My personal truck’s door had fallen off. 1st day I had to move it to the employees parking lot away from where we needed the tools. 2nd day I had to move it further out- they could still see it from the Bldg. 3rd day security told me to put it by the woods on the fathest out employees parking lot. 4th day they told me to get it the hell off their property. The 5th day I parked it in front of their main sign on the highway. THEN they told me I was going to JAIL if I didn’t move it so far away nobody could tell I worked there. I didn’t anymore. But it sure was fun putting that truck that looked like it had been hit with an IED in front of the biggest sign perveying to the purveyors of the moneyists. Oprah not a boogie anymore. She bought a half million dolloar condo lookind DOWN on the black people of American beach and did her deals with the moneyists that had been trying to steal the land from the black folks for years. She threw her money in with the moneyists, got that black stuff off of her. I don’t blame her. All my black freinds are brown, except Dewey. But even Dewey says Dewey isn’t his name, It’s DO HE? and he says, “Your damn right I do.”

  2. Frank Paolo says:

    Joe, You got the most rare reaction anyone has ever gotten from me: I’m speechless – LMAO – but SPEECHLESS. I can’t tell if you consider yourself a racist, dribbling our heads, or just making me mute. BUT I’ll bet we would have had a helluva time together in the old days – for as long as we could stay out of jail.

  3. Steve says:

    Ya know, I have to agree, there is a lot of “Moneyism” in this country.
    Worse yet, “People-Who-Think-They-Have-Money-but-Don’t-ism” : – )

  4. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Worse than that- people that don’t think they have any money when they are drowning in it, but it’s not as much as the “Neighbors” on TV. Those Detroit Blacks that started race riots in Vietnam? When we got closer in to the stone age exclaimed for everyone to hear, “If I EVER get out of this place and back into the Ghetto I’m NEVER gonna complaign about being poor again!”

  5. Brenda says:

    Joe – you are never boring:) I have to read your posts a couple of times to make heads or tails of them. Sometimes I say the man’s got a point and other times I say “What in the F__ is he talking about?”

    Regardless, I’m usually smiling.

  6. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    But About racism- in ’67 in Scottsboro Alabama there was one theatre with a fence going down one side and up into the balcony. Small town, everyone knew everyone, but the blacks stayed behind the fence and used the balcony and had to call to their white friends to get them their sodas and candy from the machines accross the lobby from their side of the fence. It was accepted as that’s the way it was. It’s not anymore. 40 yrs later Scottsboro- the home of the KKK is just like any other little southern town, much more advanced in everything, and on “First Monday” of every month for the flea market in the town square the people don’t come in from outdoor plumbed houses in the hills on buckboards to sell their stuff. They even have electricity now. In 40 years. It’s not as slow as you think it is. Even Obama knows that. It’s you city livin honkeys that don’t know there are still people with computers and phones making their living off the wild in the swamps and crabbing, oysterring, lumberjacking, fishing, hunting, and trapping who have watched their jobs disappear because you came to rely on the white mans society to survive instead of the land. Perhaps those ladies who sell food off the decks of their seasonally mired in boats in Parts of India know more about how to make a capitalistic profit without a corporation than a an awful lot of Americans do.

  7. Pett says:

    Can i get a one small photo from your site?

  8. Frank Paolo says:

    Most of the images I get are from Google-Images. Since I do not make any money on this blog, I think it’s OK to reproduce them. So sure, take them. Some of the photos you’ll find here are from my own personal collection. You may use any of those in any manner you see fit.

    Kind regards,

  9. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    When I put a photo on the net it’s not copywritten if it’s one I took and a long chance that 100 years from now another generation will get a glimpse of what I saw in mine. It bugs me that all our writings are electronic and no chance that we’ll be found in an old newspaper Some boob will say dump the deleted box and tommorows anthropologists will be cheated out of some of the best glimpses of our society.

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