Quiz on US Wars

1. How many US troops died in Iraq this month?

2. How many died in Afghanistan?

3. How many times this month did the US death toll make headlines or was the lead story on the news?

4. (For extra credit)  Who cares?

5 Responses to “Quiz on US Wars”

  1. paolo. says:

    I did it again. I eliminated a bunch of comments by accident. I get over 100 comments/day – and at least 95 of them are complete spam. So they have ‘bulk erase’ feature on the server which I always use. But today I hit the wrong buttons or something and some recent comments were eliminated. Sorry.

  2. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    I’m just curious, when you say spam do you mean people are trying to use your column to sell stuff for profit? That would be so much like hard work.

  3. paolo. says:

    Hey, Joe. Spammers get hundreds of thousands of blog addresses and then mass mail offers to us. Off-shore pharmaceutical drugs and porn seem to be the big abusers. Some are in languages I can’t even read but the “host” – in my case ‘WordPress’ usually filters them and asks if I’d like them deleted.

  4. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    I get those personal letters from some long lost forgotten freind who has $10,000,000,000 in the bank and needs me to give them my acct to get it into the country. I know- so does everyone BUT has ANYONE ever been got that way but people with dementia?

  5. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    Now it seems I need a new modem as this might shut off within 2 minutes since U-verse tried to get their junk to work in an area their junk doean’t work in. and It’s my fault because I bought it. The 3rd to the last conv. with tech support for AT&T the lady asked,”Let me get this straight-You WANT U-Verse right??!!” I told her if I saw another U-verse truck in my driveway they have now been notified this is posted property and I will put a .30 cal slug in their engin. If their driver can’t push the truck off fast enough I’ll let the ambulance team push his truck out of the way because the driver will have a .30 cal hole in him. DOES THAT SOUND LIKE i WANT U-VERSE???” iF YOU MAY HAVE A NEED FOR AN AMBULANCE-ever- AND DON’T CARRY A CELLPHONE BUT HAVE A LAND LINE NEVER GET ANY OF THOSE BATTERY BACKUP pHONE SERVICES AS THEY ONLY BACKUP FOR 2 HOURS. iF YOUR POWER IS DOWN AND YOU NEED A LAND LINE (wHICH will WORK) THE MODERN CRAP WILL GET YOU KILLED. So since right now my e-mail is down because of them I consider it a life or death situation to keep just hired off the street technicians that won’t check for power FIRST when troubleshooting as bein NON technicians, but murdering robbers. I have a handshake for them. DON”T shake, and gently sqeeze the trigger.

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