Question: “Do you smoke after sex?”

Answer: “Don’t know – never looked.”

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  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Marlene Dietrich was a German Weaponeers girlfreind he kept guarded for her own protection supposedly but in reality at 18 she was his close kept prisoner. He figured she was a stupid girl and even took her to weapons designers meetings and she learned electronics, developed a way to code electronic signals on a quickly changing or over a quick change in frequency that would also block anyone else from intercepting the signals. She escaped to the west and took her secret with her and even patented it but the US Military had no use for it, and she couldn’t sell it and let the patent go out of date.
    Then the US Navy went solid state and adopted her design into the control and commands to torpedoes and who knows what as a coding and blocking for signal sending and not being intercepted.
    She wasn’t paid a dime but as an old woman was given an award by our Military in reckognition of her contribution to our defense.
    I’m sure she’d had sex.
    And I’m sure stuff has not only smoked, but smoked after it blew up long after she had sex. With a Nazi Weaponeer that had kept her like a prisoneer and she wanted to help Get smoked.

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