Planned Parenthood Pisses People Off


Protect yourself even if you're only stuffing a turkey.

The anti abortion/anti-sex crowd is never happy with Planned Parenthood. They constantly protest in front of PP offices and verbally terrorize young people walking in to receive information, counseling, or abortion services.  Since they’ve ignorantly blocked sex education in schools and birth control methods for DECADES, I believe they are responsible for many of the unwanted pregnancies and abortions that have occurred.

Traditionalist turkey gobblers were not happy with PP’s latest campaign:  “Talking Turkey: 8 Easy Steps for Discussing Reproductive Health and Justice at the Holiday Table.”

“Going home or getting together with relatives for the holidays is always a stressful time, but if your family members are the type who regularly protest outside the local Planned Parenthood, you know that this holiday is going to be a doozy.”

Say WHAT?  As in “Would you please pass me the cranberry sauce, Grandma?  And did Mom tell you each of the three guys I’ve slept with since school began wore condoms on their penises?”

I support Planned Parenthood but I think this campaign is one turkey they could have definitely stuffed.

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