On “Meet the Press” today, a Senior Administration Advisor said the President is going to run on his “successes” including “ending the war in Iraq”.

I just about threw up.

Will the American people be dumb enough to believe this shit?  Here are the facts:

• Months ago Obama requested Iraq let 10,000 troops stay after the first of the year.  Iraq said no.

• Obama then practically pleaded for Iraq to let just 3000 troops stay.  Iraq said no.

• Iraq insisted the US follow the 2008 agreement saying there would be NO American combattroops in Iraq by the end of 2011.

• Obama takes credit for ending the “War in Iraq”. Up is really Down.

7 Responses to “PinnochiObama”

  1. Bill says:

    Sad but true.

    What’s even sadder is the fact his behavior in this regard is fairly mild for an American politician. Look at Romney; he changes his position on issues almost daily depending on which state he happens to be in.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Be carefull that drawing a long nose on Obama doesn’t get him the Female vote. Always long and stiff and dribbling with the advantage of actually talking durring oral/nasal sex and blowing his nose at the perfect time.

  3. paolo. says:

    “his behavior in this regard is fairly mild”

    No other person running for President has ordered to continue the murder of our troops and civilians in unwinnable wars. No other issue is even close.

  4. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Nixon kept it going for four more years, Vietnam-called “MacNamara’s war,” When MacNamara had Hilaries Job at what-age 90, admitted he knew it was unwinnable but he felt he HAD to keep it going just to PROVE it was unwinnable.
    But that was then.
    I’ve always felt Pinniciobama is a deep plant by anti American Indonesian and kenyan groups to create world confusion and help enlarge terrorist groups. He busts independant terrorists that might screw up his plan and old ladies with too much toothpaste. Elected by white American’s HE is the one doing the detroit shuffle to use the race card on anyone that see through him. But the Bush Family’s fortune was made out of Adolf Hitlers stolen money from dead Polish Jews before FDR orderred GW’s grandpa to STOP with the dealing with the Enemies act. He didn’t have enough Amercanism in him to just do the right thing without being forced. And 8 years of a Crook like Cheney telling the wimps baby what to do-and Cheney is STILL the Pupeteer. At least when he looks down the barrel of a gun to see if it’s loaded and finds out he can’t see in there, he tries it out on a lawyer.
    Any Vet who has applied for a disability and it has taken the usual two to three years will get back pay they need to hide and forget about touching while they get a Soc. Sec. Disability which will get them medicare in two years.
    They are already cutting back on today’s vets education benefits and soon if your not at least given a 50% VA disability-if you put away the two back payments you MAY have enough money to save your life with your medicare and your co-payment. Vets are shot at, shit on, and then after being lied to, screwed, unless you learn the system-just like learning the Army. They WILL NOT let all these men stay for 20 and benefits.

  5. Bill says:

    A friend of mine was booted out of the army after 16 years. Joe, by the time that super committee and/or congress get done, veterans will be left out to dry.

  6. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Always. An OLD OLD man got hurt in WWII and had to go in the hospital because of his back, he was seeing a lady clerk in Command he got to re-assign him to Sea Duty and he saw every major action in the pacific including the signing of the Peace Treaty. WITHOUT a medical clearance for sea duty. As soon as it was signed and his ship came back to the states he was called in and told he was being retired. “WHY??!!” The NAVY said he was incapeable of performing sea duty and had been that way since being hospitalized. He was smart and knew that was coming before he had the freind pull the strings for him to get him sent back out on the sly. He pulled out all his medals and commendations and records of the previous 2 years of sea duty and told them he HAD BEEN AT SEA FOR TWO YEARS and that was why they couldn’t find him to tell him he couldn’t go. Asked them where had THEY beenwhile he was fighting japs. He had too many decorations to pull that on but it’s as old as the militaries pension system.

  7. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Oh yeah I gotta add I love the pic of osamahamasobama using our NEW NATIONAL FLAG COLORS. RED,HIGH YELLOW WHITE, AND BLUE. But I do wish they had used the old red, white , and blue background.

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