Pigeons Mate for Life (OK, Males Cheat)

Sometimes.  But not nearly as much as most other animals including men (and women).  Virtually every other animal or bird will “mate” with any floozy pig, dog, or pussy around.  Not pigeons.  Mostly they live to care for their families.

Also, pigeons (or ‘city rats’ as my ignorant neighbors call them) are not the vermin carrying, birds of death your Mom told you they are. In general, there’s little risk to people from normal day-to-day contact with pigeons in parks, yards, balconies, etc.

Pigeons are quite intelligent for birds and are kind, peaceful, gentle, loving to each other, and totally family-oriented.

I wish I had pigeons for neighbors instead of the neighbors I have for neighbors.

2 Responses to “Pigeons Mate for Life (OK, Males Cheat)”

  1. Bill says:

    For a healthy adult, pigeons pose little threat. However, if the immune system is compromised for whatever reason (HIV+; chemotherapy; old age etc), pigeon droppings do contain several funguses that can become airborn when sweeping a balcony and cause problems if breathed in.

    In addition, they can build a nest and lay an egg in matter of minutes. I like birds, but not in my living area.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Pidgeons aren’t called Sky Rat’s for nothing. They got into the roof over one of the biggest red block and oldest schoolbuildings in Jacksonville and the dust from years of their droppings can kill you from disease. And in one room they had to put in a large window unit and keep it going all year whether someone was in it or not to try and kill the smell and mites and whatever else. They nested by the dozens over that lab, and the lab had a fiberglass white tile drop in ceiling. The fresh pidgeons poop in one spot had been collecting for so long the acid actually ate through the fiberglass spun tile. I had to run conduit over it. I wouldn’t do it. Most enlightened people won’t. So they got a guy just about to get his license who couldn’t take any chances to “Volunteer.”
    When he came down the ladder each time he was coated in bird turd.

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