Paterson Panics in Paolo Park Push

For Immediate Release:

Albany, New York.  In a last minute effort to avoid a potentially negative confrontation with Frank Paolo and his loyal readers,  Governor David Paterson made an agreement with leaders from the New York State Legislature to open NY State Parks for the Memorial Day Weekend.

Paolo, in a strong blog editorial “They Can’t Just Close a Park” (May 25th), said he was going to defy the ban, go to a park,  and “enjoy a burger cooked with freedom from government lunacy”.  It is not known if law enforcement agencies had plans to arrest Paolo or his associates.

A spokesperson from Gov. Paterson’s Public Relations office denied Paolo or his blog “Everyone is Entitled to My Opinion” was the reason the park agreement was reached.  She said, “Gov. Paterson and the NYS Legislature just want what’s best for New Yorkers on this holiday weekend”.


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