Our 11th Year In Afghanistan Drones On

This Thanksgiving, Americans don’t have much for which to be thankful in Afghanistan. We know there’s a war going on there with over 70,000 US troops and 2000 killed – but nobody talks about it.  We just went through a year long election campaign and since all the candidates pretty much agreed about “our mission”, it was hardly mentioned at all.

Do Americans know that many of the Afghan people hate us and want us to leave?

Maybe we could start a slick public relations campaign to convince Afghans what good guys we are and how we want to help them.  Of course we’d have to do this by messenger and word-of-mouth since so many don’t know how to read and don’t have electricity anyway.

Oh well, Happy Thanksgiving our turban friends!  We give thanks for all the heroin you send us.

2 Responses to “Our 11th Year In Afghanistan Drones On”

  1. Bill says:

    In general I agree; we shouldn’t be over there. However, there is one group that will be sad to see us go–young women. Females are treated like shit in Afghanistan. Sorry to be so vulgar, but facts are facts.

  2. paolo. says:

    Women are treated like shit pretty much all over the world. I wish America could gain equality for women in the Mideast – in any Muslim country – in Africa – Asia – Russia – China – South America – and everywhere else. But the simple fact is, we can’t. And it’s time to stop pretending we can.

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