Operation Was A Failure But The Patient Died

Everyone’s worst fear came true last night as Oklahoma botched a lethal-injection execution. Clayton Lockett, 38, was declared unconscious 10 minutes after the execution began but began clenching his teeth and straining to lift his head off the pillow a few minutes later.  The executioners closed the witness curtain after 16-minutes and Lockett died about a half hour later – from a heart attack.  What a mess!

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It’s pretty hard to feel sorry for this piece of shit who shot a woman and then buried her alive – but no one wants the government to become a torture-murderer either.  Neither does anyone want the society to be reduced to the same levels as killers.  But we certainly are not when we try to provide the accused with a trial of his peers and countless appeals.  That’s a lot more civilized than what they do for their victims.

I don’t know about this particular case but I think capital punishment should be allowed in crimes that are so heinous,  the animals don’t deserve to live among us.  Child torture-rapists-killers and serial mass murderers immediately come to mind.  I’m sorry no one has jumped on my idea of life without the possibility of parole plus a suicide pill.

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