Entrapping Tissue Tapes


The Planned Parenthood tissue tapes burst on the scene with anticipated results.  The most militant, anti-abortion group in the nation (some of whose members have murdered doctors who performed abortions) went undercover and set up fetal-tissue research doctors in entrapping conversations.  They then delivered highly-edited, sample tapes to the media.

Here’s something you’ve probably already figured out:  ‘anti-abortion’ is primarily ‘anti-sex’ – except for church-married, heterosexual couples who are trying to have children.  If these people REALLY wanted to stop abortions, they’d support free and easily-available birth control, extensive sex education in schools, and viable, child-free options in the media.  But anti-abortion is not really the primary focus.  The REAL religious message is “Sex is dirty and disgusting.  Make sure you save it for someone you love.”

The US Center for Disease Control has stated ‘US abortions rates are the LOWEST they’ve been in 45-years.’  The primary reasons?  Sex education and birth control. They didn’t mention waving bloody-fetus signs as being any help at all.

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The anti-abortion debate.

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