Oh, Give It A Break


The Washington Post, a sometimes respectable newspaper, ran a big story today: 

Was Michael Brown surrendering or advancing to attack Officer Darren Wilson?

In it they gave the numerous accounts of conflicting “eyewitness accounts” to the seconds after the initial tragic encounter between Michael Brown and police officer Darren Wilson.  They concluded ‘we’ll never really know.’  No shit, Sherlock – that’s why a grand jury was named.

I can’t believe anyone would ever second guess this grand jury. A multi-racial, multi-gender group of people who gave 3-months of their lives to question, face-to-face, over 60-witnesses and mountains of conflicting evidence. At least a 9- to 3-majority (it might have been more) voted there was not enough evidence to indict Wilson.

Anyone who disagrees with its conclusion says somehow they know more than this legal body. What they’re doing is substituting their own emotions and feelings for the reality reached by a majority of TWELVE people. It’s time to move on.



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