OctoMom Bears 14 Kids Then Bares All

Three years after giving birth to 8 kids (she already had 6), Nadya Suleman got nearly naked in the latest issue of the British magazine, Closer.

“I just pinged back into shape like a rubber band after the kids,” she insists. “I don’t know how I did it. I eat like a horse, don’t count calories and have never owned a scale.”

“I get way too much male attention but I won’t date until the octuplets are 18—I live for them now,” says Suleman, who claims, except for petri dishes, she’s been celibate for 13 years.

“I wouldn’t rule out a relationship in the future,” she points out. “But now, when men look at me I look away.”

Ah, the chance of a relationship with 14 immediate kids – in 15 years.  Again, my vasectomy scars are singing.  I think she has a nice body – it’s just when she talks …


6 Responses to “OctoMom Bears 14 Kids Then Bares All”

  1. Bill says:

    Is she independently wealthy? If not, who’s paying the freight?

  2. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    She’s Brittish-socialist UK already removed the holocaust from their history books because it offens all their ragheads. I’d like to know WHY it offends Muslims to hear the truth unless they helped kill 10,000,000 innocent people. If she won’t have sex it’s because sh’es too stupid to pull it out or use a rubber or take a pill. OR she’s the one that used 4 rubbers AND spermicidal cream and double douches and still got pregnant.

  3. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Maybe she didn’t have sex for 8 years while her hubby saved up until his nuts were so big he waddled. 45-55 shots later and the rest is Brittish history. They screw like rabbits and Chinamen.

  4. paolo. says:

    1. Suleman lives in California.
    2. Her children have all been born when she mated with petri dishes.

  5. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    So What Frank? We won the war and we can blame the Brittish for anything we want to. Hell-If it wasn’t for An English king and a Roman whore there never would have been Neanderthal’s. The Sahara would be a Jungle.The Man in the Moon would have just SLAPPED Apollo 13 like a gnat. Homosexuals would have a–hole babies. And how about THIS!! ALABAMA WOULD BE NORMAL!
    why ISN’T SHE CALLED A SULEWOMAN? Or are her kids even named Petri?
    Hell if it wasn’t for the Brits we wouldn’t even know where Afghanistan is. They did make one great monster movie being edited right now, I THINK?? It stars OBAMA and the queens present Lady in Waiting-their Prime Minister, at the white house. Eisenhauer would have had him chipping paint and re-doing the old paint job where burnt wood is showing through. And eating Porridge. And a pie for dessert with four and twenty blackbirds. ARE ANY of the liberal media’s reporters certifiable like I am? Who you gonna believe?

  6. paolo. says:

    “So What Frank? We won the war and we can blame the British for anything we want.”

    Loves it!

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