Nobody’s Coming To Obama’s Party


cccObama and Kerry planned a formal summit this week to calm nervous Arab leaders about our pending nuclear agreement with Iran. The Camp David talk was scheduled for the six Gulf Cooperation Council countries including Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Out of the six, the only leaders now attending are from Qatar and Kuwait. They all want more tangible symbols of America’s love like increased economic aid and military weapons.

Of course because of conflicting religious, political, geographic, and cultural differences, these guys don’t get along with each other. The only things they have in common are a deep hatred of Israel (more religious horseshit) and their tanned hands held out for more American dollars. America MUST get involved with these Arabs to maintain its title as “Interventionist King of the World.”

It’s time to let all these Arabs play or fight together in their own sandbox – without US adult supervision.

(PS – whatever happened to that large, multi-country army Saudi Arabia was putting together to fight ISIS?)


Gulf Cooperation Council

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