No Torture Or Execution of Snowden – Promise

We might, however, dump him in Guantanamo forever.

It’s hard to read the headline. “US Justice Department Promises Not To Torture Or Execute Snowden.”  I wouldn’t be surprised if that promise had come from some banana boat republic or fanatical Islamic state but it didn’t – it came from the United States.

Remember when America stood for justice, freedom, and individual rights? When our country was looked to as a great symbol of democracy?  Today, largely because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and spying on its own citizens, the world no longer sees us as a champion of freedom.

Bush and Cheney started this torture, drone, and snooping business but Obama turned up their volumes and he’s been responsible now for five years. Edwin Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who blew the whistle on classified U.S. phone and Internet surveillance programs, is now charged with espionage. The Justice Department is mad-dog raging to drag him back here.  They’ve painted him as an evil traitor who has endangered the safety of the United States.

Have you noticed how cleverly our government turned the story around to Snowden and buried the real issue of citizens’ privacy and individual rights?  Of course they needed the help of our fourth branch of government, the mainstream media Propaganda Ministry.

There’s much more about the Justice Department’s pleas to Russia here.


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