No Shit, Sherlocks Of Detroit

"Love me - or I'LL blow my head off!"

Detroit police issued a statement yesterday saying soil samples taken from under a shed tested ‘negative’ for Jimmy Hoffa’s body. Wow – what a shocker! (See my post “Jimmy Hoffa: Call Your Office” below.)

Then I became suspicious.  Why would Detroit police want to grab national headlines with a stupid tip from a questionable source on a 35-year old murder?  I did a little research and – bingo! – a slimy story from this Michigan city crawled across my screen.

Detroit Chief of Police Ralph Godbee has been suspended for allegedly having an affair with female police officer, Angelica Robinson. That’s her in the picture above with his pistol in her mouth. This is the second sex scandal Godbee has faced in his 2-year term as Chief.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Chief Godbee, who’s also a Christian minister, went to San Diego for a police conference with ANOTHER woman. Scorned Officer Robinson, who is married, freaked and blew him in to authorities. Detroit authorities also freaked – suspended him, took away Officer Angelica’s service pistol, and took her for a mental examination.

“One woman does not satisfy him,” Robinson told FoxNews. “As you can see, there’s plenty more out there that Pastor Godbee preys upon with his spiritual talk.”

Who knows? Maybe if I were Detroit’s Chief of Police – and also a Christian minister – I too might try to use Jimmy Hoffa’s body to cover my ass.

3 Responses to “No Shit, Sherlocks Of Detroit”

  1. Bill says:

    What amazes me about this story and about people in general are the reactions of the people who have been cuckolded. Instead of telling the cheaters to get the hell out of their lives, the cheated upon try to cling to the now sour relationships. Why?

  2. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    They’re ugly as hell and can’t get another date?
    A preacher. Why doesn’t that surprise me.
    On de farm de Farmer was fertilizing his corn when his son ran up and told him the preacher was coming.
    Papa told his boy, “QUICK SON! Find out if he’s a Presbyterian or a Babtist or a Episcopalian. If he’s Episcopalion hide the money, If he’s Presbiterian hide the eggs, but if he’s a Babptist sit on yo Mama’s lap till I get back there!”

  3. paolo. says:

    Joe, LOVE IT!

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