No Intelligent Life Here

"I know they're coming."

I sometimes participate in an online, political discussion group.  The chances of anyone actually listening to each other there and then forming a rational opinion without preconceived ideas – is about equal to Jesus Christ doing a pole dance at your local strip club.

Although there are many left-wing wackos, most of the crackpots are right-wing wing nuts.  On what do I base my opinion?

• the “birthers” are mostly from the right –
• the “deathers” come from the same pile –
• the “Rupture” goofs were extreme, religious-right odd balls, and
• all of these people HATE, I mean HATE, Obama.

Now I HATE Obama’s warmongering policies (“OK George, I’ll see you those two wars and raise you one.”) – but I can’t hate the man.  Neither could I hate George Bush when lefties were beating up on the guy (see “The Cancer of Hatred”

Why would I even care what these righty dolts think? The more I think about it, the less I care.  I’m going to start thinking about it more.  And how come lefties don’t hate Obama as much as Bush when it comes to the wars? I’m going to start thinking about that one more too.

15 Responses to “No Intelligent Life Here”

  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    If you start pondering that stuff your going to have to figure out why anyone would like someone who has screwed them to death and lied with a smile on his racist face while he tries to get their vote even though it’s already paid for. It’s all about MONEY HONEY. You may not be gay and he may not be gay but he’ll still be shaking your smuck to get some pennies to fall out of your foreskin wallet. Not the one made out of foreskins but the one you hide under your foreskin at the best parties.

  2. paolo. says:

    Joe, I would be honored if you would 1) write a page for Memorial Day, 2011…or…
    2) allow me to reprint the one you wrote last year. Thank you, paolo.

  3. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Oh Frank I wouldn’t know where to begin this year. Our grandkids are doing an impossible job under hard conditions for people that(To me) just want to profit off of them espescially since our goal has been reached. WITH THE PROMISE OF VA HEALTHCARE IF THEY GET OLD AND ARE SERVICE CONNECTED DISABLED.
    Yesterday morning, myself fearing for my life from complications from possible agent orange and a DOCTOR WELTMAN FROM BRIGHTON working in the VA here, refuses to send me to a dermatologist for checkups even though I have had skin cancer, and told me yesterday morning that since I had medicare to use that instead of the VA, and actually enterred his advice into the big computer designed to work like Obamacare. Dr. Gary Ries Weltman officially and in writing sent a service connected vet to MEDICARE.
    You fought, may have been poisoned we don’t know so we’ll just say everyone was, and even though my job is because of you guys and way way more financially rewarding for myself and my family while I hide at home when if I was a real patriot I’d be in theatre helping wounded vets, But he just want’s money, and I’m a reminder of the fact he doesn’t prep himself for his patients and murders some, so he tells me to get OUT of the VA with my bombing earned benefits, and PAY the civilian doctors 20% of the cost of fixing whatever he has done to me. AND I WANT MY BALLS BACK-no joke.
    MEMORIAL DAY means if you give a puke shit General a new toy he can’t wait to get some of us killed trying it out even if he has to say we’re winning for so many years the American people go broke and are ready for revolution. Petraus will easily retire a millionaire-have you ever seen a picture of him in a helmet or webgear? I’m not the guy to ask to be patriotic to a killing machine running without a direction for a press that is bought and paid for. Our real problem seems to me not to be Mexicans but the cartells steamrolling through Mexico bringing Al-Quada in our back door. All the way up from Colombia with Mass murders done in the name of revolution by Fidel Castro’s Che’Gueverra trained FARC, who claim to be using the cocaine cartells for money to fight with. It worked for Ollie North and Ronald Reagan. I love America, I don’t want to die for America, but I’d LOVE to kill for America if the people we were killing were the right people.

  4. paolo. says:

    May I republish last year’s post? I think a Vet should talk to my readers that day. And if you don’t want me to, I certainly won’t.

  5. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Of Course you can. I thank you from the heart for caring. I hope that other vets understand my desire to see them out of harms way is not a reflexion on their willingness to do what needs to be done when the leaders themselves seem to be holding themselves above the job. I understand my Uncle was with Patton , and his wife wore a peace sign all her life. That IS what we fight for.

  6. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Congress should wear hats like that.

  7. Bill says:

    Being stupid is a God given right. Sometimes I think it’s in the Bill of Rights.

    Being extreme and loud is IN. If you can stomach it, watch some of the talk shows during the day and reality shows at night. Everyone has an opinion and is willing to shove it down your throat. Viewers are starting to believe only wimps are civil and real men are LOUD. The women are even worse. They get off on self-righteousness.

    It’s the future, Frank. Get used to it.

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