There’s No Business Like Shoe Business

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad went to Egypt to try to create better relations between the Muslims of Iran and those in Egypt. Someone threw a shoe at him as an insult.  It was probably a Shite vs Sunni Muslim thing.

"This guy trying to sell me shoes?"

It was like President Bush getting the old “shoe fly” in December, 2008 on his farewell tour of Iraq.  Remember the laughter and jokes in this country about that incident?

It wasn’t funny to Muslims anywhere else in the world.  They realize how offensive the gesture is with its roots going back to the Koran.  As silly as that seems, we can religiously point out some Western symbols like baptism that come from the Bible.  Outside of Christianity, they make no sense at all and are pretty funny,

The point is this:  America hasn’t a clue to the cultures of Islam, Buddism, Hinduism, or any other foreign religious “ism.”  So why do we continually try to slam our Christian Western values down the throats of all the countries in which we’ve started wars?

Do you think you know anything about the Islamic culture? OK, here’s an easy question: was madman Osama bin Laden – a Shite or Sunni Muslim?

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