NASCAR Champ Is A Boob

Thanks for the mammaries.

NASCAR superstar Kasey Kahne got himself caught in a wringer last week. He saw a woman’s breast NOT doing what God intended it to do: titillate him.  Instead, much to his disgust, it was breast-feeding a baby.  Kahne was at a supermarket and he thought he was hallucinating!

To his 100,000 followers he tweeted:

“One boob put away; one boob hanging! Nasty!  “I don’t feel like shopping or eating anymore,” he continued.

When he started getting feminine flak and titters for being a dolt, the twit tried to erase his tweet. Too late.  Said one feminist blogger, “If NASCAR is a family sport, one must assume some of his fans were breast-fed.”

Kahne helped the world learn something.  Boobs can do many things – in addition to being photographed next to his flushed face in the winners’ circle, they can nurse children and, at least in one case, drive race cars.


2 Responses to “NASCAR Champ Is A Boob”

  1. Bill says:

    I don’t think you need to be a feminist to conclude Kasey is an ass. In fact, I can think of several older women in my family who are anti-feminism but wouldn’t hesitate to scratch his eyes out.

    Men really are weird when it comes to women. At one time, women who wore brassieres were considered sluts; decades later, women who didn’t wear them were considered sluts. Are we men really that stupid?

  2. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Of Course, look at the boobs we go out with. In a lot of the world women don’t even wear tops. We can watch them Bop. They start at the top, and then they flop.

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