Naked By Popular Demand

Nin WCJ008

Few posts have received as much feedback as “A Model Prisoner” (9 or 10 entries down).  Dozens of you demanded that I show the jail jumpsuit filled with the naked beauty of the “model prisoner”.  She agreed to once again be photographed in the jumpsuit – naked – although she hasn’t filled a needle – nor a cell – in many years.

She climbed into the suit – wearing only the “clothes” with which she was born.  I must say  a few years and a few pounds did nothing to take away from her breathtaking beauty.

Once “dressed”, N. opened the jumpsuit waaay passed her navel, and asked, “Ready?”  I stuttered “YES” and pushed the shutter a split second AFTER  she whipped around and flipped me the one finger salute!

It seems N. is no longer addicted to drugs – to modeling – nor to me.

Good for you, Pretty N. – good for you.

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  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Well where’s the picture Frank??

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