My Dog Ate My Homework (And Part Of My Tape)

During the Congressional Watergate investigation in 1973, it was discovered that President Richard Nixon had secretly audio taped most of his White House meetings. All of them were riddled with Nixon’s profanities (“Cocksuckers!”) and some contained borderline admissions of guilt – but the clever lawyer, Nixon, was careful not to admit his part in illegal activities.  There was a glaring exception: an 18-1/2 minute portion of one recording probably contained impeachable statements.  But that part of the tape was blank.

How did that happen?  Nixon’s loyal secretary, Rose Mary Woods, said she mistakenly erased part of the recording,  sadly demonstrating her clumsy technique in the photo above.  Of course, no one believed her.

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A few years ago, there was a Congressional inquiry into the Obama administration’s  targeting  of conservative groups by the Internal Revenue Service.  But it was revealed that thousands of emails from the IRS  were lost after a hard drive was mistakenly thrown away. Of course, no one believes it was a mistake.  The loss of the emails makes it nearly impossible to track down and verify what actually took place.

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You might not believe that Obama is just one more crooked politician like Nixon – but if you think he’s any better, you have political hayseeds sticking out of your ears.  And should I even begin about Hilly’s lost e-mails?

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