MY Book?

Kurt, a good guy from my last Delphi seminar, looked up my book on the internet. Today, almost 15-years after it was originally published, the prices are amazing.


$30.91 + $3.99 shipping for a used copy from someplace in Georgia, to $77.32 + $3.99 shipping for a ‘new’ copy from New Jersey. Over $80 for a copy of MY book? Christ – we could hardly sell the damn thing at $12.95 when it first came out. Can you imagine what it will be worth when I’m dead? I can hardly wait!

I wonder if the expensive books are the ones I signed or the ones bought off bookshop shelves? And I’d sure like to know who’s selling the few NEW ones. To me, that means those dolts didn’t even open the friggin’ things! Maybe they were hoping for the latest Stephen King novel as a gift but got my book instead. “Uh, thanks honey. Just what I always wanted….”


2 Responses to “MY Book?”

  1. amy says:

    as far as I have found, its the autograph that has the rising value.

  2. jedi says:

    I still have two – first $100 takes them both.
    Your Welcome

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