Stealing The Grand Piano Was A Real Bitch

On a routine traffic check in a small town near here, a New York State Trooper saw a large tuba sitting in the back seat of a stopped car. When questioned, Danielle Conner-Willowglade, 31, said she was a music teacher and was bringing the tuba into Rochester.  Both statements were true.

Later she had to admit the tuba was only one of the 50-instruments she had stolen from her school to sell to pawn shops for her heroin habit.

Methadone is the usual “treatment” to replace heroin and other opiates.  It is inexpensive and legally distributed through government-funded drug addiction programs.  It is also addictive.

We should not forget that much of the heroin in this country (and the world) comes from our efforts in Afghanistan.  Read more here.

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