Most Admired Woman: Ginger Lynn

Ginger Lynn Allen, Actor - Director - Humanitarian

The ‘Most Admired Woman in America’ Gallup poll is being taken now and the odds-on winner is Hillary Clinton.  It will be her 12th consecutive year despite her hawk-like policies in the Mideast which have killed tens of thousands of people.  Mainly it’s a name-recognition pageant.  My choice is Ginger Lynn, the #1 female actress in adult films in the 1980’s. Being responsible for the deaths of countless civilians would be against her morals.

Ginger and I go back over 20-years.  You can read about it here.

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  2. […] Ginger got beat by Hillary Clinton again in the ‘Most Admired Woman’ poll.  Bastards.  See Ginger here. […]

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