Miracle Mockers

Jesus – they don’t make miracles like they used to! In Biblical times, miracles stunned people. The parting of the Red Sea, the fish & loaves multiplication tables, leper-curing on the spot and raising the dead were all crowd pleasers. Boffo, Jesus! Encore!

But what do we get today? Jesus’s face on ANYTHING!

The Jesus Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Jesus Shower Curtain

The Jesus Tortilla

The Jesus Tree

(Rochester, New York contribution)

The Jesus Croissant

Jesus! It’s a miracle anyone goes to church anymore. Each of these Jesus items is a real item – you decide if it’s Jesus. Most have been on e-bay.

How can you tell if something’s a real miracle? Think of the reaction people would have if an ocean, with a gazillion trillion gallons of water, actually parted. Then think of the reaction of most people after viewing the “miracles” above.

There’s a pretty good chance it’s NOT a real miracle if most of the crowd walks away, rolling their eyes and muttering, “Give me a friggin’ break………”

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