Might Makes Us Right!

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says Iranian leaders are to blame for their collapsing economy because they’re not doing what the United States wants them to do.

America and its bully buddies have imposed severe economic sanctions on Iran driving its currency to hit record lows against the dollar.  The rial has lost about one-third of its value in the last few weeks causing major economic hardships for the Iranian people. Hilly said the sanctions could be lifted quickly if Iran’s government complies with our plans for its nuclear future. I have no idea why Muslims hate us.

There once was a time when Ms. Clinton cherished the ideals of peace and human rights.  Somewhere between then and now she’s turned into the classic, cold-war, arrogant American who believes it’s a God-sanctioned right to impose our will on the rest of the world.

Hilly used to mock Dick Cheney for being Darth-Vadar-evil.  Now we have Dick Cheney in drag throwing up his same old shit with an added spurt of hypocrisy.

5 Responses to “Might Makes Us Right!”

  1. Bill says:

    Possibly true, but the secretary of state does whatever her boss, the president, tells her to. She may or may not agree with the current policy; we won’t know for sure until she writes her memoirs or possibly reveals her feelings in another run for the oval office four years from now.

    I agree our current approach toward Iran is shameful.

  2. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Look at that face!! That’s an OLD photo because now she makes herself up to look like Chairman Mao. In THAT picture she obviously has a douchebag full of Crown Royal with one of those funny tubes stuck up her ass. The Red Chinese collarless look with a straight back combed lezzie hairdo doesn’t belong on the bitch that fought for and got the biggest diamond ever taken out of the Arkensas diamond crater.

  3. agen sbobet says:

    Amen. I pray that anyone but Obama is elected.

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