Maybe Lincoln was Talking During the Play


How many times have you tried to watch a movie or play in a theatre and some clods keep talking or let their cell phones ring? What do you do?

James J. Cialella Jr. knew what to do. Last Christmas he tried to watch “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” in a Philadelphia theater. However, his movie watching experience quickly went down hill because a family in the first row continued to chat. He asked them to stop. They ignored him. He asked them again. The young son laughed and made wise-ass comments about him. He threw a bag of popcorn at the kid. Then the people started talking and laughing LOUDER.

So James stood up, walked over to the family in the first row, pulled out a .380 and shot the father in the arm. Then, as the theatre burst into chaos with people screaming and running for exits, James calmly sat down and continued to watch the movie. One suspects he had his choice of seats.

The police soon arrived and arrested Mr. Cialella. He’s now charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, and weapons violations. The father has been released from the hospital.

What do I think they should have done to James J. Cialella? I think they should have given him Barrack OBama’s old seat in the Senate and his money back because he didn’t get to watch the rest of the movie.

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6 Responses to “Maybe Lincoln was Talking During the Play”

  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Attempted murder? At that range If he’d of wanted kill him he’d be dead. He should make a deal to drop the other charges and stand trial for the Attempted murder and then use the Audie Murphy defense. I understand Audie shot someone and beat the muder charge by simply saying, “It’s ridiculous to assume that if I had shot to kill that man, he would still be alive.” Of course the shooter would have to prove he actually could aim well.

  2. Steve says:

    Well, as a perosn who HATES going to movie theaters for this very reason (people talking), I admit to doing this in my mind.: – )
    Well, don’t we ALL like to see a bully, or bullies, get their’s? Obviously, this is a tad extreme.
    Now, shooting someone over a $10 movie (and really, how GOOD are movies anymore) is ridiculous. And while I don’t condone it, I can understand his actions. I can completely understand his frusration at the rudeness of other people. Again, don’t condone it, but….this is the society we live in now. Is it wrong for me to wish that I could’ve seen the look on the people’s faces when he was standing in front of them with the gun out? “Excuse me, I asked you NICELY, to be quiet”
    That said, I will say that when I go to the Little Theater, people don’t usually talk during movies, and I have yet to leave the Little feelin like I spent too much for a movie.

    it reminds me of Pee Wee Herman, in a noisy biker bar, where he yells, “I’m TRYING to use the PHONE!!!!!” : – )

  3. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    HMMM? Was that in a movie I would have liked to have seen? If the Pee Wee we all know did it ina biker bar full of San Quentin raised Hells Angels he’d end up with a real sore butt while onlookers would be sayin stuff like, “Speak into the dictaphone MF! LOUDER!!!”

  4. Brenda says:

    Perhaps he could have just stood in front of the jack asses so they couldn’t see the movie or made a casual stretching move to flash his weapon. That may have done the trick.

    Anyway, like you Steve, I would really have liked to have seen the reaction from the family. Do you think they have stopped being assholes yet?

  5. Steve says:

    No, Brenda, I don’t. I’m starting to wonder, I mean…how many assholes do you encounter each day? (I call them d-bags).
    I’m starting to think it’s something in the water: – )

  6. Brenda says:

    I don’t know if it is in the water or the gene pool Steve. Some people just enjoy misery. They enjoy insulting, degrading, annoying, and being rude to others. They have no consideration. They could care less how their words or actions affect someone else. They look at Earth as their planet. The rest of us are just visitors.

    To maintain my sanity, I have come to the conclusion this is just how some people are. I can’t explain it besides to think “I am so glad I am not them. What an unhappy, miserable existance they have”. Even on my worst day I would never one be one of these people, even if it is on their best day.

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