Makes Scents To Me

An association of Home Security Dog Breeders got together and ranked the Best and Worst breeds of dogs to guard your home. Not surprisingly, the Rottweiler won First Place in the Best Dog category. The Worst Dog for your protection? The Bloodhound.

Gentle, friendly, kind, and hospitable – it was jokingly suggested that a Bloodhound might even let a burglar in and, if it could, make the crook a cup of coffee. These are cheap shots by dweebs dumber than the dogs.

Any idiot knows Bloodhounds SOLVE crimes and have no interest at all in preventing them. Really, stopping crime would be a BAD THING for Bloodhounds. Whom would they trail? Whose scent would they sniff out leading police to capture the crook? How would they get their pictures in the paper with beaming cops?

In your home, Bloodhounds would rather just nap – they’re fine with the status quo. Breeders call that ‘’incompetence’. Bloodhounds call it ‘job security’.

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  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    I once worked for an idiot who said-truthfully-that the shorter the chain you put a dog on the meaner it gets. And he had a HUGE bloodhound on a very short chain. It was big enough to break the chain. And it guarded the restaurant next door to his. It didn’t let the other guys customers IN or OUT. I truly hope the guy is dead now. He boasted about being best freinds with the Pagan Motorcycle club and threw a big party for them at his restaurant, kegs of beer, an oz or two of coke, Free food.
    They also figured he was a loose cannon that invited trouble. I quit when I had to wake him up in his front yard in the morning to go to work by pulling the needle out of his arm, while making sure his gun was out of reach.

  2. amy says:

    and you did love my basset hounds for these reasons.
    Remember how so kind Boo Radley was. Never stole a thing in his life. All dogs steal food.

  3. Solid, awesome post. I adore stuff like this.

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