*(Mind Your Own Fucking Business)

One of my favorite portrait photography models was “C.”  We used to have a lot of fun together.  C is a young woman about a head taller than me when she puts on her “hooker heels.”  She’s also about  35-years younger.

When we went out, I was amazed at the rude reaction of people.  Since we looked like the Prom Queen of Porn and her “manager”, we got all sorts of sneers, looks of disgust, and shaking of heads.

Once when we left a casino in Niagara Falls, Canada, a rude cab driver leaning against his car said to her, “Oh – is this your Father?”  Without hesitation, C said, “Yes, he is – but we fuck anyway.”  His face looked like he was punched in the stomach.

When you stick your nose into other peoples’ business, you get what you get with no apologies.

3 Responses to “M.Y.O.F.B.*”

  1. Bill says:

    Back in 1968 or 9 I went to an evening showing at a movie theater in Montreal. It was pretty full, so I went up to the balcony. There were scores of older men with younger women. They were on regular courtship type dates, and noone batted an eye (except for me, that is). It all depends on the cultural norms whereever you find yourself.

    The picture was “Alfie” with Michael Caine.

  2. paolo. says:

    I think cultural norms have something to do with it but a larger factor is that people have one idea on “relationships”: they should be heading towards marriage & children or finding that “right one”. This is such bullshit! There are many different types of relationships today. If the people are honest with each other and agree that what they have is “right for them – at this time” – everyone else should just MYOFB.

  3. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    You don’t see many balconies anymore. Remember the all night movies where the winos put a pillow on the railing of the balcony of the LITTLE Theatre-either the LITTLE or LOWES, and slept all night. My brother was going through the “BLANK GUN” phase with his freinds. Went into the theatre late a night, grabbed a wino’s feather pillow and cut it open and through it up in front of the projector so shadows of feathers drifted all over the theatre and yelled PHEASANT!! Right after they woke the theatre up with a few shots from their blank gun. Life was so boring before kids were able to kill themselves with drugs.
    Make my dog break out with hives huh you little bastards! Just have their 4th grade teacher pass out samples of home made crack laced with rat poison. The 4th graders are all over 21 now anyway.
    But in parts of Canada if your old enough to spell Fuck you’ve probably been doing it with the same teacher for at least ten years. AND in the fourth grade.

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