Loose Lips Sink Sips

The New York State Legislature just passed a bill which would require warning labels on sippy cups.  The new tags would caution parents about childhood tooth decay which supposedly increases when the kid is put to bed with a sippy hanging out of his mouth.

“I can show you photos of children who go to bed with sippy cups,” said Mark Feldman, executive director of the New York’s Dental Association, which lobbied for the bill. “All you see are little black stumps – that is all that is left of the teeth,” he added.

Oh, please shut up.

It seems no one mentioned that today most parents fill their kids with syrupy, sugary drinks the moment they open their mouths.  Or the fact  that most baby food has a large amount of sugar in it.  Sugar has been proven to be one of  the factors in dental decay.

Obviously if kids drink the stuff all day and suck on it all night, it will not be good for their teeth.  But if parents are stupid enough to give kids sweet drinks all day and night, they’re probably too dumb to read the damn labels anyway.

We need a new law for this?

3 Responses to “Loose Lips Sink Sips”

  1. Bill says:

    The morons in the legislature feel they have to justify their existence. Their electoral opponents have been known to trumpet “so and so has never introduced a single piece of legislation”. The intent is to cost the incumbent your vote, but for me it’s a good reason to vote FOR the guy. Unfortunately, the incumbents are afraid of the charge, and they dream up garbage like this sippy sip crap.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    They can stop war by passing a law that from the moment of birth all children be fed massive amounts of Prozac, like the suicides from our three wars trying to go through a THREE YEAR WITHDRAWAL while waiting three years for their claims to be studied.
    That way if we pass another law that when kids are 13 we cut them off prozac they will all self destruct before they can go to war.
    Big Pharma gets their 13 years of phony profits from phony studies coming out of operation MK-ULTRA, and The future of Soc sec . is SAVED.
    Of course congressmens families will be exempt-OF COURSE> WE could even pay them EXTRA for being left out!! There-I just wrote three bills that will make the rich richer. That IS what Congress is for isn’t it??

  3. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    If they weren’t better than us we’d be lobbyists and congressmemn. We should be SHOT for complaining about corruption. So we should either get rid of the Constitution and save ouselves or just all go unarmed to Washington and slap cops. And get killed for America’s own good.
    How do our soldiers fighting for ISRAEL protect OUR Constitution?? A Professional Army is a putrid idea in a free country. A drafted army of “Misfits” would have nailed that last shitbird in Basic. The first time he started raving he’d of had a potatoe stuck down something and up something, maybe the SAME potatioe

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