Life Begins In Their Minds

Babies – like the one pictured above about to be knifed – are  NOT the same as microscopic zygotes: sperm-fertilized female eggs which might become potential human beings. Unfortunately they ARE the same things to anti-abortion zealots who wave protest signs filled with bloody, cut-up fetuses and pictures like you see above.

“Oh the babies . . . the murdered BABIES!” they wail.  Of course they’re usually the first to mock the babbling bullshit of other religion’s beliefs like sacred cows and Allah dispensing virgins to martyrs. But somehow their ridiculous beliefs are different.

Anti-abortion zealots were not happy this week when the National Center for Health Statistics said the number of women who’ve used emergency contraceptive pills, like Plan B, has increased dramatically in the past decade. The number of unwanted pregnancies in the US has gone down because of sex education and easier accessibility to all birth control.

One would think rational birth control – which over 90% of women use at some time in their lives – is a saner choice.  Well, one would be wrong to fanatical anti-abortion activists. Most of these screamers are really disingenuously religious and think any birth control is “against God’s plan.” Of course God only showed His plan to them.  He teasingly gave thinking minds to the rest of us.

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