Let’s Kill Dull Talks – 2


Speak Twice as Loud as You Think You Should.

I know you’re not going to believe this. My students never do until they see themselves on videotape or hear the feedback from their peers. People are usually awful judges of their own voices. So chances are, in presentations, you are ‘politely’ quiet and almost certainly dull. In my workshops I push peoples’ volume until they think they’re shouting (in a focused manner). They’re shocked when their classmates describe their voices as “confident”, “in-charge”, and “passionate.”

When you speak loudly you sound more committed to your ideas. You sound enthusiastic! You sound like you should sound when making a great presentation.

To get this effect you must rehearse your presentation OUT LOUD at least five times before you deliver it. The final time, bring someone into your rehearsal room and seat that person farthest from you.

First, deliver the first minute in your normal style. Next, deliver the same material much louder than you think you should. Really push it! Ask your practice audience member which style sounded better. And when he agrees with me, ask him to come to your real presentation and have him sit in the back of the room. Have him signal you whenever your voice slips into its natural polite, quiet dullness.

To make a great presentation which is distinctively different in a professional way, you can’t sound like everyone else.

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