Let’s Give A Hand To Dr. Joyce Elders


I hope you’re doing your part to celebrate National Masturbation Month which starts tomorrow. No other issue even comes close to the worldwide shame and silence of masturbation.  Virtually every real religion – and most of the pretend ones – harshly condemn this sexual activity which is practiced by 94% of people (while the other 6% lie.)

In 1995, US Surgeon General Joyce Elders bravely suggested that masturbation could have a place in sex education as a better choice than riskier sexual practices such as intercourse.  Religious and conservative fanatics burst into a raging, critical fireball dooming Elders’ common sense, alternative suggestion – and Elders herself.  President Bill Clinton who by his actions, seemed to prefer more adventurist sexual encounters, immediately fired her.

To protest Elder’s dismissal, a pioneering, adult sex group, “Good Vibrations,” organized a national movement to designate May as a time to celebrate happy endings.  Virtually every person in the world is a past, present, or future member of the group – whether they know it or not.


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