Let Muslims Kill Muslims

We'll save you, Syria!

They all begin so honorably, don’t they? American goals – at least the ones we see on TV – are very noble.

• The US rid Iraq of Hussein and his “weapons of mass destruction.”  We’re still there with 60,000 “contractors” (wink-wink) after 11-years.

• We destroyed the Taliban in Afghanistan for sponsoring 911.  That took about 3 days and we’re still there after 11-years battling tribes.

• We disposed of Libya’s crazy Gadaffi and got Bengazi in return.

• Our War on Terrorism has produced more terrorists than al-Queda could possibly have recruited without it.

• We jumped into Egyptian elections behind Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Egyptians revolted and threw him out of office.

• And now President Peace Prize is going to bomb Syria in an ugly civil war that has lasted over 2-years.

Shite Muslims and Sunni Muslims have been killing each other for over 1-thousand years.

And America is arrogant enough – and stupid enough – to think we can stop them.

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