Kim Jong-un: Call Your Office

"Well this is enough for me but what will the rest you eat?"

“This is enough but what will the rest of you eat?”

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un has not been seen in public for 35 days and missed the ruling Workers’ Party party last week.  State media said a huge flower basket in the shape of a Big Mac with Kim’s name on it was placed before statues of his father and grandfather, former rulers of North Korea.

Kim’s Uncle and his family were also not in attendance because the dictator had them executed a few months ago over a power dispute. Dennis Rodman, a National Basketball Association Hall of Famer, is a friend of Kim’s.  He would neither confirm nor deny reports that Kim is being detained in a Jenny Craig rehab center where he’s learning to eat the small amounts of food on which his people subsist.

Because of the dictator’s disappearance, police surveillence has increased over the NKGHL – the North Korean Gay Hairdressers League – which has called for Kim’s execution because of his lousy haircut and tacky military costumes. 

un & rodmann

Dictator Kim disappears:

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